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Helping our Farms

Our farmers and landowners produce the very best of crops and livestock throughout Europe and the rest of the world. As an industry there are many challenges that have to be met whether it be changes to legislation, inclement weather or rising feed and fertiliser costs.

In short most of the agricultural sector are under one pressure or another all year and in turn the profitability and sustainability of farms can be difficult at best to forecast.

UKfm Renewable Technologies are proud to have formed two exclusive partnerships with First Milk who look after around 2500 dairy farmers throughout the UK and NFU Scotland who represent almost 9000 Scottish farmers and landowners. Through these strategic relationships their members are able to access a range of services including;

  1. Energy efficiency reviews
  2. Cost and return projections on a range of renewable technologies
  3. Funding options and partners
  4. Full supply and installation service
  5. Certification and commissioning
  6. On-going monitoring and maintenance
  7. Reduced Installation costs

The best deals

On a number of occasions we have been able to offer this community low interest lease and finance deals that do not require the farm or landowner to make a financial contribution and the system costs are then paid directly from the tariff scheme and energy saving. We are committed to continually trying to improve the efficiencies of energy on farm and helping each and every agricultural client make the most of what is available.

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