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Increased Demand

Over the past 40 years the commercial sector has been at the core of our business. We currently have over 100 clients including the likes of; David LLoyd, M&S, Virgin Active, Bannatynes, William Hills to name but a few that make up well over 1000 blue chip clients. These clients are managed by our network of regional offices throughout the UK. We have provided these clients with heating and cooling products and services for many years, however the past few years has seen an increased demand for renewable technologies to be incorporated into their energy policy.


Through taking an energy efficiency approach to our existing clients we have been able to identify and recommend a range of new renewable products and services that will improve the energy efficiency and profitability of the business. Each commercial client is unique in its requirements and it is our role to ensure that the client progresses with the right energy policy for their circumstances.

Fundamental Efficiency

All commercial businesses are being encouraged to review their energy policies and with upcoming government initiatives such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme becoming mandatory later this year, it will become compulsory for all companies to have undertaken an assessment of their premises. The recommendations suggested should be implemented or this may lead to financial penalties moving forward. This particular scheme will require ongoing continuous improvement making energy efficiency a fundamental part of the business plan.

Our commercial clients can benefit from the following renewable services

  1. Energy efficiency reviews
  2. Cost and return projections on a range of renewable technologies
  3. Funding options and partners
  4. Full supply and installation service
  5. Certification and commissioning
  6. On-going monitoring and maintenance
  7. Reduced Installation costs

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