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Solar Thermal

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal is a water heating system that uses the heat form the sun to heat your water.

How do they work?

Solar collectors are used to collect the heat from the sun. The heat is then used to heat up the water cylinder in your house. A boiler can be used in conjunction with this to heat up the water further.

The Benefits?

Solar thermal works due to sunlight which will cut the cost of your bills and will reduce your homes carbon emissions. This system will work all year long and will only need to heated further with a boiler during cold months.


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Some things that you may like to consider are:

  • Where would it be installed?

    The panels can be installed on your roof or fixed to a frame so that the get the best sunlight all day.

  • What would it replace?

    The cylinder may need to be replaced with a cylinder which would get the best out of the solar panels.


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